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The short story:

jerranis; noun

[ juh - RAN - iss ]

A three piece rock band from Sydney unknown for their fast and loud music. Not to be confused with jerrahnis, jerraynis or ‘your anus’.

The long story:

jerranis formed in mid-2018 when Cam (vox, guitar) and Joe (drums), who earlier became instant friends when Joe’s gf was living with Cam’s ex-girlfriend*, recruited Gussy (bass) on a ‘bands looking for members’ Facebook page*.

Since then they’ve been head-banging at venues across Sydney and released three singles: ‘Blow My Brains Out’, ‘Eat Shit Die’ and ‘WTF’ .

They recently recorded a 5 track EP set for release in 2020.

With influences ranging from Kurt Cobain to Kurt Vonnegut, jerranis merge heavy punk and grunge with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the morbid, depressing, mundane, psychotic and taboo aspects of our modern lives.

* We’d like to thank Tinder and Facebook for the excellent work they do in facilitating the formation of punk bands.

Available for all Christian, Jewish and non-denominational ceremonies, email jerranisband@gmail.com and take your child’s christening, circumcision or gender reveal party to the next level!

unsigned. we do this DIY. please someone sign us.
Cam Reid

© 2019 by jerranis